The 5 Most Beautiful and Underrated Greek Islands

The 5 Most Beautiful and Underrated Greek Islands

A trip to Greece is often considered incomplete without a visit to Santorini. The whitewashed cliffs and blue-domed buildings are something everyone should see in person at least once in your lifetime, but with the popularity and beauty come the crowds. There are many other Greek islands that are stunning in their own right, and offer quintessential Greek experiences; because they are less busy, the atmosphere is usually more authentic and the locals more friendly. So save Santorini for another time, and hit up one of these lesser known Greek islands instead:

5. Evia

A favorite by Athenians, Evia is located not far from the coast, and has a plethora of relaxing opportunities and architectural monuments. During the summer months, Evia is busy with Greek vacationers, but if you are outgoing enough to introduce yourself, they sure know how to have a good time! Be sure to spend some time taking in the tides; Trela Nera is a natural phenomenon with some of the best viewing opportunities from the island.

Evia Greece
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