The 5 Best Thermal Baths in Budapest


3. Gellert Thermal Bath

Gellert Baths are well known as one of the most impressive in the city for the Art Nouveau architecture, dating back to the early 20th century. Combining two of the city’s best assets, beautiful architecture and therapeutic waters, this bathhouse is the one to visit if time is limited. A walk through the entryway toward the changing rooms is captivating, with stained glass windows, sculptures and colorful mosaics from floor to ceiling, all designed in Art Deco style. The remarkable architecture is a major attraction, even for those who have no inclination for bathing. Set by the River Danube on the Buda side by Liberty Bridge, there are 13 pools, including three outdoor pools and one large swimming pool, accommodating hundreds of people each day. Indoors, three pools are female-only (the surrounding pool areas are also female-only) and three are male-only sites, providing privacy for modest bathers.

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