The 15 Most Incredible Castles in Germany


13. Linderhof Palace

King Ludwig Otto Friedrich Wilhelm, referred to as simply King Ludwig II, financed the building of a series of Castles. The only Castle Ludwig lived to see completed was Linderfof. Known as the royal villa, the Castle is an extension of his father’s, King Maximillian II, hunting lodge. In 1874 Ludwig took the lodge, Königshäuschen, had it dismantled and moved to the present location. The original wooden lodge was transformed by adding stone to the exterior along with adding a vestibule and staircase. The palace was transformed over the next four years to what exists today. Completed in 1878 the palace grounds contain a hidden grotto complete with a shell like boat on an underground lake lit with colorful lights. Ludwig built a hall of mirrors in the Castle along with two tapestry rooms. As is the case with a lot of German Castles, photography inside the Castle is not permitted.

Linderhof Palace

12. Wartburg Castle

Built in the middle ages in the year 1067, Wartburg Castle lies perched on a hill overlooking the town of Eisenach. Founded by Ludwig der Springer the Castle was further developed by the Ludovinger family that ruled the area for over 200 years. One of the more famous residents of the Castle was Martin Luther. After being excommunicated by the Pope, Luther sought refuge in the Castle and lived under protective custody. During this time Luther translated the New Testament from Greek into German.  In 1922 Germany was proclaimed a Republic forcing the ruling German classes to abdicate and the Wartburg Foundation, which still exists today, was created to take over the responsibility of the Castle upkeep. Built with a mix of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Historicism styles the Castle contains a Great Hall constructed as living quarters for Thuringian counts. Artifacts from medieval times, world famous paintings and a cutlery collection from Baron Gottfried are included within the Castle.

Wartburg Castle
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