The 15 Most Incredible Castles in Germany

The 15 Most Incredible Castles in Germany

The Czech Republic is said to have more castles per square mile than any other country but by some estimates there are more than 20,000 Castles in Germany. It is hard to get an accurate number since the definition of a castle varies, however fortifications, residences, medieval and fairy tale castles dot the hills everywhere throughout the country. For the first time visitor it seems there is a Castle on every hilltop. Some of these structures date back hundreds of years. Today the Castles have been turned into hotels, museums and tourist attractions. Some have been purchased and remodeled as modern day homes and some still belong in the same family, having been passed down through the generations. Here are a few of the more noteworthy German Castles.

15. Reichsburg Cochem

Located in the scenic town of Cochem, Reichsburg Castle stands majestically overlooking the town. The Castle that stands today though is not the original one. Like many Castles in the old world, the current structure was built on the ruins of previous fortifications. The original structure dating from the 12th century was destroyed by the army of King Louis XIV in 1689. In 1868 wealthy Berlin businessman Louis Ravené bought the ruins and built the current Castle as a summer residence for his family. Some of the original structure such as the four story “witches tower” were incorporated into the new building. According to legend the witches tower was used a place to try women for witchcraft and if guilty they were thrown from the tower. Today the Castle is open to tourists and those that make the steep walk up the road from town are rewarded of breathtaking views of the town and Moselle Valley.

Reichsburg Cochem

14. Schwerin Castle

Located on an island in the middle of Lake Schwerin lies the fairy tale Schwerin Castle. On the site of a former Slavonic fortress, dating from 973, Grand Duke Friedrich Franz II of Mecklenburg-Schwerin commissioned the building of the current Castle. Completed in 1857 the 653 room Castle contains valuable paintings, sculptures, gilded ceilings and intricate inlaid flooring.  Visitors can view royal hunting and decorative weapon a porcelain collection from the royal porcelain manufacturer the ancestral gallery and enjoy the gardens which surround the Castle. The Grand Duke employed four of the most famous architects in Germany at the time to build the Castle and it stands today as one of the most beautiful in Germany. The castle contains 5 wings and is considered one of the best examples of European historicist architecture. The Castle is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday and guided tours are available.

Schwerin Castle
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