The 12 Most Beautiful and Underrated Cities in Spain


2. Santillana del Mar

Known for its well-preserved medieval Old Quarter, Santillana del Mar is located in the Cantabria region of northern Spain. Despite the “del Mar” in its name, the city is surrounded by land, not water, although the sea is nearby. Set against a backdrop of rolling hills covered with farms and fields, the old city’s cobblestone streets are lined with beautiful sandstone churches and ancestral homes that look much as they did hundreds of years ago. The 12th-century Colegiata de Santa Juliana houses the remains of the city’s patron saint. The prehistoric Altamira Caves on the outskirts of Santillana del Mar are no longer open to the public, but the nearby Museum of Altamira contains perfect replicas of their amazing cave paintings.

1. Huesca

A small town located in Aragon region of northeastern Spain, Huesca attracts travelers who use the city as base for visits to the nearby Loarre castle or for ski trips in the Pyrenees Mountains, but there are attractions within the city worth seeing as well. The partially restored Old Quarter boasts the 13th-century Huesca Cathedral that features stone statues of the twelve apostles. The main attraction of Huesca is the Abby of San Pedro el Viejo with is its picturesque Romanesque cloister. The Miguel Servet Park, the city’s largest public green space, is worth a visit too. The centrally located park features wide lanes lined with mature trees, a wide range of sculptures and numerous water features.

Huesca, Spain

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