The 12 Most Beautiful and Underrated Cities in Spain


4. Ourense

Ourense is a provincial capital in Spain’s Galicia region situated along the banks of the Miño River. The city is best known for its many scenic bridges, some of which date back to the Roman Era. Although surrounded by urban sprawl, the heart of Orense has been lovingly restored and preserved, and wandering through the Old Quarter can make visitors feel as if they’ve traveled back in time. The city’s oddly sloping Plaza Mayor features structures constructed during the city’s 18th-century expansion. Orense is also notable for its “pozas,” hot springs that bubble up to the surface throughout the city, including along the banks of the Miño.

Ourense, Spain

3. Burgos

The capital of Spain’s Castile region for nearly 500 years, Burgos has played a significant role in the country’s history. As the home and burial place of the medieval Spanish hero El Cid, the city has long attracted visitors interested in Spain’s rich past. A recent push to recognize Burgos as a designated “European City of Culture” has brought the city’s best historic attractions to the fore. From its towering spires to the slab of marble that marks the tomb of El Cid, the remarkable Cathedral of Burgos has been restored to its Gothic glory. The Old Quarter is surrounded by green spaces, including the beautiful parks on the banks of the Arlanzón River known as the Paseo de la Isla.

Burgos, Spain
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