The 12 Best Summer Music Festivals in America

The 12 Best Summer Music Festivals in America

Nothing says summer like gathering up your closest friends and hitting one of the many epic music festivals that take over this country. Known for hosting some of the best festivals in the world, from early spring until late summer, fans can choose to bring out their inner hippie or dance the night away in an all-night fantasy forest. From interactive festivals that feature more than just amazing musicians, to festivals that focus on sustainability and nature; here are the best 12 summer music festivals in America.

12. Outside Lands, California

This festival normally held in August started back in 2008 and has been gaining momentum and popularity ever since. Although the epic music is at the forefront of this festival, the array of culinary experiences caters to more than just music lovers. Past headliners have included Stevie Wonder, Radiohead and Willie Nelson. One thing festival goers can count on is the unexpected. Beerlands, Winelands, Chocolands and the Cheeselands are all very real and offer unique and local food and drink, along with the other plus 80 vendors. What other music festival in the world is there that one can dine on oysters and lamb? Great music, great local food and drink and a festival wide arts show that takes place throughout this weekend, coupled with an amazing line-up of musicians makes this one of the best music festivals in all of America.

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