The 12 Best Streets Foods in Italy


10. Panelle

It may just be the simplest of all Italian street foods but don’t let that fool you, this food is both popular and delicious. Essentially panelle is just chickpea polenta that has been cut into thick slices and fried in olive oil. Called fritters, they are served with croquettes or piled high and served as a sandwich in between a bun. Many people choose to squeeze a little lemon on them or top them with a little pecorino romano. Often known as peasant’s food or food for the poor man, that doesn’t seem to keep tons of locals and visitors from lining up and ordering them at many street stalls.

9. Arancini

The name means “little oranges” in Italian but don’t be surprised to find there is nothing fruity about these amazing rice balls. These golden deep-friend rice balls are crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Started in Sicily in the 10th century, this snack is popular all over Italy and comes in a plethora of varieties. The most common filling is cheese and peas, sometimes with minced chicken or beef. The most common mistake tourists make is ordering just one of these rice balls so do yourself a favor and order at least 2 or 3, with a side of tangy arrabiata sauce, for the perfect meal, straight from one of the stalls on the street. If you want the best you have to go to the original source and head to Sicily for a true authentic arancini.

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