The 12 Best Streets Foods in Italy

The 12 Best Streets Foods in Italy

Many people don’t associate Italy with street food, but they would be missing out on a country that offers regional specialties and unique eats. Fortunately for visitors, Italian vendors are masters at making quick and delicious food for next to nothing. From the port towns where fresh seafood is piled into paper cones to specialty fried olives stuffed with meat; here are 12 of the best street foods in Italy, and don’t you dare leave this country without trying at least five.

12. Pesce Fritto Al Cono

Is there anything better than wandering the streets of Italy, eating fresh seafood out of a paper cone? We didn’t think so. Many Italian port towns offer this awesome street food and visitors can enjoy this delicious treat while wandering the streets. When they say fresh seafood they mean fresh, the catch of the day is brought in from the fishing boats each morning and vendors buy directly from them. The seafood is than lightly battered and fried right in front of your eyes. Depending on the catch of the day you may be treated to a mixture of fish, shrimp or squid. Make sure to squeeze a little lemon on it for an extra kick and enjoy eating it with your hands or the spear provided.

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