The 12 Best Disneyland Attractions For Your Little Princess


10. Minnie’s House

Is your little girl as cute as Minnie Mouse? Of course she is! And she’s probably just as fun, too. So take her to Minnie’s house, located in Toon Town between Mickey’s House and Donald’s Boat, and let her run wild. She’ll get to experience all of Minnie’s favorite activities, like reading sophisticated ladies’ magazines such as ‘Cosmousepolitan,’ checking email on her heart-shaped computer, and having tea in the kitchen. Pinkies up! Your little mouse can make Minnie’s cake rise and fall by turning the oven on and off. She can sit at Minnie’s vanity and do her make-up – or just make silly faces—then lounge on her chaise, all to the sounds of Minnie’s voice wishing her well. Once outside in Minnie’s yard, your little one will enjoy tossing a penny into the talking well and making a wish! See how Mickey’s better half lives in this lacy, girly, doily-filled house in Toon Town!

9. Princess Dot Puddle Park

It’s tough being a bug, especially being a bug all day in the baking California sunshine. Luckily, at Princess Dot’s Puddle Park, it’s all worth it. If you’re cruising around the California Adventure Park and need a cool, relaxing break from the heat, take your child to this little gem of a splash park for refreshing fun you can all enjoy. Shrink down to bug size and rest your feet under live foliage on benches made of giant popsicle sticks. Plus, enjoy some wet and wild fun as your little one (and you!) get sprayed by a giant leaky hose. Streams spray up from the ground, too, so expect your little one to have a rollicking, giggling time getting soaked and cooling off. If you play into the evening, enjoy the firefly lanterns that light your path through the tall grasses and flowers of A Bug’s Land.

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