The 10 Scariest Roads in the World


8. Dalton Highway, USA

If you’ve ever watched Ice Road Truckers, you’ve heard tell of the Dalton Highway. This 414-mile road stretches through some pretty bleak Alaskan tundra, and it was opened for one reason: transporting oil. There are 3 gas stations along the entire route and for 240 miles of the road, there are no gas stations, restaurants or other services—just empty, icy tundra. That’s the longest unserviced stretch in the whole of North America. Cell reception is spotty at best, so good luck if you get stuck. The road itself is gravelly and laden with potholes, and most of the vehicles traversing it are 18-wheelers slinging ice at each other. The frigid temperatures and winter driving conditions can spell disaster for drivers. Even so, the road does pass through the Arctic circle and, at the right time of year, you could enjoy a spectacular show courtesy of the northern lights.

Dalton Highway, Alaska

7. Road to Hana, USA

The road to Hana, on the Hawaiian island of Maui, is like “driving a roller coaster,” says one driver who’s traveled the route. Blind corners, hairpin turns and big hills are compounded by the fact that the thoroughfare is a narrow coastal road. Drivers often have to pull over to let other cars pass. There are 54 1-lane bridges on Highway 360. The road winds its way 42-miles to Hana, and much of the scenery is a sheer drop over the cliff into the ocean below. Since the region is mountainous, falling rocks are also a hazard and the weather doesn’t always cooperate with frequent rain making the road surface slick and those hairpins—all 600 of them—more difficult to navigate. You’ll be richly rewarded, however, as you can find state parks, black sand beaches, waterfalls and Paia Town, a laid-back pitstop, along the way.

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