The 10 Scariest Roads in the World

The 10 Scariest Roads in the World

Driving can be a nerve-wracking experience: traffic and poor weather can make even the most mundane of commutes stressful. Even in ideal conditions, fender-benders are often caused by just one wrong move away. On these 10 roads, however, one wrong move could spell certain doom for everyone in the vehicle: sheer plunges, dizzying heights, narrow tracks and tight switchbacks transform these routes from scenic to terrifying. Bad weather only intensifies the fear factor for these roadways and, unfortunately, bad weather is common on most of them, making them 10 of the scariest drives on the face of the earth.

10. Lippincott Mine Road, USA

This 7-mile track out of Death Valley National Park in California doesn’t get much traffic—and for good reason. The road reaches an altitude of 2,000 feet and has some fairly sheer drops. It’s not paved. It’s narrow. It’s got no guardrails. Drivers will need to navigate their 4-wheel drive vehicle around or over large boulders and also contend with the gravel track—which is often no wider than a couple of feet. Losing traction could mean plummeting over the side of the cliff. The road’s also in a place called Death Valley in the middle of a desert. You’d be wise to make sure your vehicle’s in good condition and to be prepared in case you break down. There’s no water and no cell reception out here. Nonetheless, the road is a faster way to the park and it takes you by the famed Racetrack Playa.

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