The 10 Most Visited Cities in the US by Foreign Travelers


6. Las Vegas

A city famous for neon lights, casinos and gambling, Las Vegas is an experience like no other and one of the top places to visit in America. It happens to be the largest city in the state and is the “Entertainment Capital of the World”. It’s a city built in the southern Nevada desert, established just over a hundred years ago. The presence of hotels, casinos and other recreational centers makes Sin City a popular place for tourists. The climate conditions are akin to what you’d expect to find in any desert city, hot and dry…and when we say hot, we mean hot, particularly in the summer of course. But believe it or not, the low humidity in Las Vegas actually helps to make the temperature feel not as hot as you might find in other major cities.

Las Vegas is home to 17 of the top 20 biggest hotels in the United States. It has witnessed a constant and unbelievable expansion over the years and you will be dazzled at the wide variety of things to do and lovely places to visit while in the city. But while the city is famous for bright lights and gambling, you should know that the majority of the money that comes into the city is thanks to the marquee shows and booming electronic dance music movement that host parties like no other.

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