The 10 Most Romantic Spots in Washington, DC

The 10 Most Romantic Spots in Washington, DC

Between hordes of tourists and bewigged Ben Franklin lookalikes running around, Washington, DC, might not be the first place you think of when trying to get in touch with your inner romantic. But spots for clandestine candlelit dinners and midnight strolls abound — you just have to know where to go. After all, Ben Franklin was known as quite the ladies’ man in his day. So take a cue from ol’ Ben and sweep your sweetie off his or her feet with a visit to one of these utterly romantic spots in and around DC.

10. Bishop’s Garden, National Cathedral

“A space of peace set apart forever from the rush of the everyday world.” That’s how Florence Bratenahl, wife of the Dean of the Cathedral during the early 1900s, described the Bishop’s Garden at DC’s magnificent National Cathedral. Filled with lush florals, brick-lined paths, and medieval sculptures, the gardens here are the perfect place to stroll the day away hand-in-hand with your date. The garden’s visual delights are matched by its olfactory ones; stop by the Hortulus, or “little garden,” to take a sniff of fragrant 19th-century herbs and flowers. Saunter into the Olmsted Woods, a five-acre old growth forest on the Cathedral grounds, to steal a kiss among the privacy offered by towering oak and beech trees.

Bishop's Garden, Washington

9. Rock Creek Park

Did you know a national park runs through much of the western half of DC? With over 32 miles of hiking trails, the lush and scenic Rock Creek Park is the perfect place for you and your partner to reconnect with nature — and each other. Put on some boots, pack a picnic, and explore the picturesque trails that crisscross under old stone bridges, over tinkling Rock Creek, and through thick green forests. During the summer months, the park hosts outdoor concerts at the Carter Barron Amphitheatre. So switch out of your boots and into your dancing shoes so you can boogie with your sweetie all night long! The amphitheater is located in the southern half of the park, with parking nearby. If you’re trying to do romantic DC on a budget, then we have good news for you: entrance to the park and to the amphitheater shows are totally free.

Rock Creek Park, Washington
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