The 10 Most Friendly Cities in America 2015

The 10 Most Friendly Cities in America 2015

As travelers, we talk a lot about the best places to visit. But it takes more than amazing sights or culture to make a place worth visiting; for a lot of people, their perception and experience of a destination is enhanced by the people they meet there. There are some place we automatically assume are full of “friendly” people, but that leads us to ask, which cities in the U.S. are actually considered the friendliest locales for travelers? The answers might surprise you!

10. Minneapolis, Minnesota

At first glance, there may not be a lot to recommend about Minneapolis and nearby St. Paul, but further investigation will reveal a friendly, welcoming city with plenty of attractions. Minneapolis appeals to visitors by offering free admission to places like the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The city also has a well-regarded craft brewery scene, including the Dangerous Man Brewing Co. Perhaps the best recommendation for the Twin Cities, however, is their locals: these Minnesotans are friendly folks who know how to make people feel welcome. The cities are said to have a non-threatening atmosphere. Grab a beer with some of the locals to learn what’s going on in the cities during your stay or to get some recommendations for food and fun.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
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