The 10 Most Amazing Things to See in Dubai

The 10 Most Amazing Things to See in Dubai

Glimpses of Dubai in movies and in magazines make it pretty evident that this city in the desert does everything massive and glitzy all with the goal to impress. This most visited emirate boasts many of the world’s most sprawling and luxurious resorts, theme parks, shopping malls, and many other vast attractions to amaze and delight tourists. That’s why a visit to Dubai is a valid excuse to pamper your senses with the awe-inspired architecture, unique entertainment, and cultural wonders of the city—and beyond.

Here are the ten most amazing things to see in Dubai…

1. Jumeirah Beach Walk

Jumeirah Beach Walk (or JBR) is the most massive single-phase residential area among the world’s scene. And this one is particularly panoramic, situated along Dubai’s stunning marina and beach front.  The Walk encompasses 36 towers, a wide promenade lined with boutique shops, cafes, restaurants, and multiple spots to grab a coffee and drool over the millionaire wardrobes and automobiles zooming by.

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