The 10 Best Places to Spot Celebrities in Miami

The 10 Best Places to Spot Celebrities in Miami

Although many celebrities get shuffled from place to place in limos and rarely meander among the “peasants”, there are a few places in South Beach where you might catch a glimpse of someone famous. And if you see the paparazzi lingering around like vultures with giant cameras, you’ve hit the jackpot. This guide will give you the inside scoop into Paris Hilton’s favorite hotel when she’s in town, Christian Slater’s bar of choice, and other hidden celebrity hot spots.

10. Delano Hotel

Situated in the heart of South Beach on Collins Ave is the glorious Delano Hotel, an art deco marvel with all the 1940s architecture and design standards: the white on white, sleek Philippe Starck design, and marble table tops. Whether you’re looking fabulous with a cocktail in the posh lobby or sharing a bottle of bubbly at a cozy cabana by the infinity pool, you might spot local bar fly Christian Slater who owns a condo in South Point. You’ll probably find him chilling at his favorite bar on the beach, and if he’s here, other celebrities are likely out on the town.

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