The 10 Best Music Festivals in Australia Photo by: WoodfordFestival/Daniel Tran Photography

The 10 Best Music Festivals in Australia

When you’re a standalone country/continent like Australia it’s not quite as easy to travel for big music Festivals as it is in say the United States or Canada, but Australians love their music none the less. To satisfy that need for killer tunes and great times there are many music festivals that go on all around the country. These cater to music fans of all types from blues and roots all the way through to hard-core EDM fans. Several festivals take the show on the road, traveling to a few different cities so the country’s spread out population has the chance to hear their favorite artists, while others can only be found in one place. Come with us as we take a trip through the 10 best music festivals in the land down under.

10. The Big Pineapple Music Festival

Taking place in late May, The Big Pineapple Music Festival is the coolest 1-day music festival on the Sunshine Coast and features an awesome array of Australian musical talent.  Festival-goers party and move to the music set against the backdrop of the fruitiest landmark on the Sunshine Coast…the Big Pineapple! This relatively new festival just moved across the highway to a more accommodating site space so we expect to see some big growth for the Pineapple in the years to come.

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