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The 10 Best Free Winter Activities in Montreal

The city of Montreal is beautiful, historic and is the perfect place to explore and try out new things; but most things come at a steep price tag. During the winter visitors and residents tend to get a bit stir crazy and often over indulge on spending money in shopping malls. Luckily Montreal offers an abundance of free things to do and see. Whether you spend time wandering the streets during the holiday season marveling at the window displays and twinkling lights or you hit up one of many free skating rinks; there is plenty to do both indoors and out. Discover the museums that offer free admission, the parks that offer sledding and shows, the infamous Nuit Blanche and underground public art. Heading to Montreal in the winter can not only be breathtakingly beautiful but inexpensive as well. So pack your bags and head out to discover the 10 best free things to see and do in Montreal during the wintertime.

10. Visit the Churches

Home to many beautiful and historic churches; Montreal is the perfect place to explore some of these churches whether you are religious or not. One of the most visited attractions in the city is the Basilique Notre-Dame, Canada’s first Gothic Revival-Style church. Admission used to be free for visitors but the church has since implemented a $5 admission charge to help with costs of renovations and upkeep. Ornate wood carvings, stained glass windows, intricate statues and vaulted ceilings all await you inside and if you happen to attend a service admission is always free.

The city also offers visitors the chance to visit St. Peter’s Basilica; or at least a replica of the most infamous church in Rome. Completed in 1894 this church is a scaled down version of the real deal standing at an impressive 249 feet with an inside that is modeled after St. Peter’s. Free to enter, visitors will be treated to the holy door; the first created outside of Europe; along with magnificent artwork inside. These are just two examples of the beautiful and historic churches that await you in the magnificent city of Montreal.

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