Run Around the World: 13 Best Places to Run a Marathon

Run Around the World: 13 Best Places to Run a Marathon

Have you ever dreamed of running the iconic streets of Paris or London while achieving a goal that any athlete can respect? For many, running a marathon is a dream realized through intense training and mental preparation, but to add an exciting twist, consider combining this amazing activity with travel to one of these exciting destinations. You’ll be rewarded with some spectacular sights!

13. Tromsø, Norway

North of the Arctic Circle in Norway’s top end lies the town of Tromsø, home to the world’s most northernmost marathon, the Marathon of the Midnight Sun. This subarctic town experiences no real darkness from late April until mid-August and this is what’s known as the midnight sun. Participants from over 50 countries flock to Tromsø in June to run in this race which starts at midnight and is run through the night…the only catch is it’s not even dark! If you want to experience the unique feeling of perpetual daylight while running a course filled with beautiful Norwegian scenery, this one’s for you.

Tromso Norway
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