Rare Weather Event Fills Grand Canyon with Clouds

Rare Weather Event Fills Grand Canyon with Clouds

Visitors at Grand Canyon National Park yesterday were treated to a rare and unusual sight as thick clouds filled the canyon to just below the rim.

This phenomenon, also known as a cloud inversion is said to stick around through Thursday but the clouds should clear the canyon within the coming days. According to Cory Mottice of the National Weather Service, the inversion in this case is caused by fog from recent rains over Arizona. The clouds, or fog is forced down by warm air and unable to rise up due to a lack of winds. Reportedly, this event happens once every several years, although visitors were treated to one of these inversions last year as well.

While the sight is a rather unusual one, guests at the park enjoyed the rare opportunity to look out over the canyon at the majestic sea of thick clouds.

Watch the time-lapse video here:


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