Peru’s 10 Must-See Ancient Ruins Sites

Peru’s 10 Must-See Ancient Ruins Sites

While Machu Picchu remains the most visited set of ruins in Peru, many other also exist. All display the marvelous skills of the early civilization. From the array of stones that fit together like jigsaw puzzles to the elaborate water and plumbing systems, these locations continue attracting visitors from thousands of miles around.

1. Machu Picchu 

Lying in the saddle between two peaks approximately 2,000 feet above ground, the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu remain the most famous location in the country. The perfectly carved stones of each community structure fit so neatly together that a knife blade will not pass through. Buildings, ramps, terraces and walls blend magically into the landscape that once served as home to around 1,000 residents. The hundreds of terraces not only maintained the soil used for agriculture, but additionally provided a unique irrigation system.


2. Sacsahuaman

The massive complex stands above the city of Cusco and archeologists ponder whether the location served as a royal home, fortress or a combination of both. Constructed in an unusual zigzag pattern, the walls contain stones amassing around 300 tons each. The massive precision cut stones do not exist in other ancient structures.

Sacsahuaman Peru
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