Oscar Wilde’s London: 10 Historic Spots of the Literati

Oscar Wilde’s London: 10 Historic Spots of the Literati

Although today’s London is a dramatically different landscape than it was in the 19th century, it still contains well-preserved remnants of the old days. With its rich, complicated layers, you’ll find a page out of history around every nook and cranny, starting with the hangouts of the literati. Explore the streets near the first home of Charles Dickens, his local watering holes in Fitzrovia, and Queen Victoria’s favorite tearooms. London is complex, but if you dig deep enough, you’ll find historic relics and tales of the old world in the most unexpected places.

Langham Hotel

Charles Dickens may have written about the plight of the 19th century peasant in London, but that didn’t stop him from indulging in opulence and luxury at the Langham Hotel. Established in 1865, the grand hotel is a cherished historic landmark not only for its impressive appearance but also for attracting royalty, celebrities, and the intelligentsia. In its heyday, it was the largest and most luxurious hotel in the city, making it the premier spot for the high society of the Victorian era to flaunt their wealth and prestige. Today, the hotel retains its well-preserved façade and interior but with a light touch of modernism that adds elegance to the Victorian style décor. The hotel has also been featured in movies such as Goldeneye and on any weekend, it is not unlikely to spot someone famous.

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