North America’s Best Mountain Resorts

North America’s Best Mountain Resorts

Some people love to relax on the beach, but for those who crave a little outdoor adventure, getting away to the mountains and enjoying the activities that come with it is much more satisfying. No matter the season the options are endless, from various winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding to summer activities like hiking, horseback riding and fishing – it’s all about the great outdoors. The lure of the mountains, fresh air and getting away from the crowds and traffic of the city all make for a great vacation. Whether it is a quiet weekend, romantic escape or family fun filled holiday, a trip to the mountains can be just what you need to relax and enjoy some time off. The following is a list of some of the best Mountain Resorts in North America.

11. Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa – Whitefield, New Hampshire

Originally opened in 1865, the resort has been a popular destination with its panoramic views of the White Mountains. Activities here include skiing, snowshoeing and dog sledding in the winter along with golf and swimming in the summer. Cider pressing and foliage hikes are popular activities in the fall. The Cog Railway is located nearby, the world’s first mountain train. Don’t miss the opportunity to hop on and take a ride! Accommodations include guest rooms and luxury suites. A wine cellar with over 6,000 bottles of wine compliment the dining area where local ingredients are sourced by the Chefs. The resort also has a fitness facility, sauna and spa.

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