North America’s 9 Most Scenic Lakes

North America’s 9 Most Scenic Lakes

From Canada to Panama, North America is home to some of the most stunning lakes in the world, boasting a wide variety of landscapes, attractions and history. Here are 9 of the continent’s most scenic lake destinations.

1. Crater Lake, Oregon, USA

Filling the caldera left behind by the collapse of the Mount Mazama volcano, Crater Lake is a natural wonder with more than 30 scenic overlooks on its rim. One of the most interesting features of Crater Lake is The Pinnacles, a grouping of towering stone spires formed when volcanic ash solidified in midair during an eruption.
Crater Lake

2. Skilak Lake, Alaska, USA

Located on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, Skilak Lake is famous for its crystal clear waters due in part to the lakes lack of aquatic vegetation. The lake is formed by glacial run off so the water can be chilly but the scenery is amazing with views of mountains all around you. Skilak Lake is popular with Alaskans due to it’s convenient location about 2 hours from Anchorage and the lake features 2 campgrounds where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the landscape.
Skilak Lake, Alaska

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