Mexico’s 10 Must-See Ancient Ruins Sites

Mexico’s 10 Must-See Ancient Ruins Sites

Mexico’s history can be divided into two major periods: the period before the arrival of Europeans and the period that followed it. There are many buildings left over from the period after the Conquistadores’ arrival, these include numerous churches and fountains that are all very popular with tourists. There are also a few older reminders of cultures that existed in Mexico prior to the Colonial era. While pre-Columbian spots are historically important, they tend to be somewhat less popular than buildings from the latter period. Among the most important are:

1. Chichen Itza

The Mayan civilization flourished from roughly 250AD to somewhere around 900AD. They created a sophisticated written language and left behind many magnificent works of architecture. The Mayan people made a number of notable achievements in Astronomy, and built monuments that commemorated celestial happenings. Examples of these monuments can be found among the ruins of Chichen Itza, an ancient Mayan city located in Southeastern Mexico. The Chichen Itza complex covers almost two square miles and includes temples, ball courts and an observatory.

Chichen Itza Mexico
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