Lonely Planet’s Best of the U.S. 2015

Lonely Planet’s Best of the U.S. 2015

America the beautiful… so many sights to see, places to explore and winding roads to follow. With all that choice it’s hard to decide where to spend your treasured vacation days but fear not, after reading this article you’ll likely have some new inspiration. As the year wraps up, the people at the ever popular travel guide publisher Lonely Plant have started making predictions and recommendations for your next year of travel.

This list showcases some amazing American locales with a variety ranging from old favorites to new up and coming destinations on the cusp of major tourist booms. With offerings highlighting the best of natural beauty, city life, culture and the rugged west, there’s a destination to suit every kind of traveler. Oh, you’re already asking what about the foodies? Well, all you culinary travelers, no need to worry because the whole country has been going through a sort of local food resurgence, so no matter where you go you can expect something delicious to be waiting around every corner.

10. Mount Shasta Region, California

Tucked away in California’s lesser known northern end lies the majestic Mount Shasta. It’s landscape reminiscent of scenes from such far flung places like Mount Fuji in Japan or Mount Ararat in Turkey. This potentially active volcano lies among Native American tribal lands and has long been regarded as a deeply spiritual place and a center of creation.

Of course climbing the 14,179 ft ascent to the summit is a popular activity during the summer time for both experienced trekkers heading for the top or those just exploring the more leisurely trails, but those not up for that kind of challenge can explore Mount Shasta city which lies at the base of the volcano. This quaint city offers B&B’s, adorable inn’s, cafes and locally owned shops that blend old time charm with new age appeal. Come visit this region for excellent nearby trout fishing, many hiking opportunities, a city teaming with charm and the chance to enjoy one of California’s lesser known natural wonders.

Mount Shasta, California
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