Kentucky’s Top 5 Natural Wonders

Kentucky’s Top 5 Natural Wonders

Kentucky is legendary for thoroughbred racehorses and bourbon, but anyone who has visited the Bluegrass State knows that its natural wonders are not to be missed.  Mother Nature has truly blessed Kentucky with a dazzling array of outdoor attractions, many of which are world renowned for their unique features.  From a truly mammoth cave and a 600-foot gorge where the world’s best rock climbers test their skills, to a majestic waterfall that puts on a lunar light show seen nowhere else in the Western Hemisphere, Kentucky’s natural wonders are, in a word, wonderful.

5. Lake Cumberland

With the majority of U.S.-made houseboats manufactured in counties surrounding Lake Cumberland, the majestic lake naturally is a great place to spend the night on the water. The 50,000-acre, deep-water lake offers seemingly countless secluded coves and fingers to anchor a houseboat away from the main channel, where skiing and tubing are popular. Much of the lake’s meandering, 100-mile-long shoreline is heavily wooded and undeveloped, including soaring cliffs which create privacy that’s hard to find on many recreational lakes. The clean, deep water teems with game fish to challenge anglers. Striped bass are especially popular, and guides know the hot spots that can yield stripers of over 50 pounds. A 22-pound walleye and 208-pound catfish also have been brought out of Lake Cumberland’s waters, and trout fishing is productive near the mighty Wolf Creek Dam.  Historic Burnside Island is surrounded by the lake and features a golf course.

Cumberland Lake Kentucky
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