Guide to Australia’s Beaches: 10 Most Pristine Spots


9. St. Kilda Beach, Melbourne

St. Kilda Beach in Melbourne isn’t known for its surf, but with its blustering wind, it’s a hotspot for kite and wind surfing. With its nearby hotels, restaurants, and bars, it’s also one of the liveliest beaches in Australia. You’ll find most people lounging on towels or under umbrellas, although rollerblading, sailing, and beach volleyball are other popular activities. After you get your fill of sun, head to the nearby St. Kilda Pier and St. Kilda Baths, two iconic landmarks of Melbourne. With amenities close by and a trendy nightlife scene, St. Kilda is perfect for beach partiers and windsurfers. A tranquil paradise by day and a bustling party mecca by night, St. Kilda Beach is a top spot for the Australian beach experience.

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