Guide to Australia’s Beaches: 10 Most Pristine Spots

Guide to Australia’s Beaches: 10 Most Pristine Spots

Palm trees, coral reefs, white sandy beaches, and turquoise waters: all the essential ingredients for the quintessential paradise. With 22,940 miles of pristine coastline, Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In fact, surfers come from all over the world to surf its glorious waves. For Australians, beach going is a way of life and plays an integral part of their culture. On the weekends and during holidays, the beach is to go-to spot for partying, Aussie style. From the urban metropolis of Sydney to the Gold Coast, a surfer’s paradise, discover 10 of Australia’s most popular beaches.

10. Brighton Beach, Melbourne

The protected cove is dotted with rows of colorful pastel bathing boxes along the shoreline, basically little sheds for changing. Dating back to the 40s, these historic Victorian style cottages are the jewel of Brighton and are priced as much as a house. The bathing sheds were built in an effort to keep the beach civilized and today make up an iconic beachscape that’s’ instantly recognizable in views from Victoria. For first time visitors, a walk on the beach will surely be interrupted with the constant impulse for picture taking. With its tranquil waters and constant ocean breezes, Brighton Beach is also the perfect spot for a quiet day at the beach, an afternoon lunch at one of the cafes, and a view of the boats in the harbor from the Middle Brighton Pier.

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