Free and Fun Ways To Discover South Carolina Source: Shutterstock

Free and Fun Ways To Discover South Carolina

From stunning beaches to breathtaking views and even quaint cities, South Carolina seems to have it all. Seeking adventure is always fun but it can put some serious strain on your wallet. We did the research for you so that you can experience South Carolina for FREE. Whether you’re a tourist or a true South Carolinian, here are the best free and fun things to do in this beautiful state.

1. Charleston: Visit The 1500 Year Old Angel Oak Tree

The city of Charleston has a lot to offer. Founded in 1670, the beautiful cobblestone streets offer quaint views, horse-drawn carriages, and stunning antebellum homes. However, just 30 minutes from downtown Charleston you can visit something truly remarkable, the Angel Oak Tree.

The Angel Oak Tree is 1500 years old! This magnificent tree is about 26 feet around and nearly 65 feet high. It is highly protected however locals and tourists alike can visit the tree for free. Share a picnic with your family or capture an Insta-worthy picture.

Source: Shutterstock

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