Exploring the 9 Islands of the Azores


3. Corvo

Corvo is by far the smallest island of the Azores geologically, but that by no means makes it inferior as a memorable place to visit! This island is full of lakes, craters and wonderfully strange scenery. It’s a charming setting where you can find calm in simplicity. Take a break from the dance of trying to choose which port to visit, which city to go to, or which road to take up to the island’s peak: there is only one of each! Participate in a different way of life for a while: simple, rustic, minimal. You can also find the face of the Indian within the windy cliff-side, brave the steep coastline of peaks and hillside, delve into craters, and visit the beautifully designed churches!

Corvo Azores

4. Faial

Faial is an island of great geological and biological interest, rich with natural reserves and amazing land forms. The Capelinhos is an area that has been forcefully sculpted into a beautiful stretch of what is called “scoria cones” and lava fields, perfect for an adventure walk! The colossal crater of Calderia is another of the island’s main attractions; surrounded by blue hydrangeas and lush vegetation making for a particularly mystical spot! The island is also home to one of the most spectacular figure 8s imaginable: two craters open to the waters surrounded by vegetation. This is what you’ll enjoy when you visit Faial! For a different kind of scenery, the island also features lovely churches and fine monuments.

Faial Azores
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