15 Places You Cannot Visit Even If you Want To


3. North Sentinel Island,  Andaman

A fascinating island located off the coast of Thailand contains one of the most untouched tribes in the world. This beautiful tropical island is surrounded by a large coral reef that will wreck any boat that approaches. If you happen to make it past the coral reef, just know that the tribe waiting for you is considered one of the most dangerous tribes and you will most likely be killed. In the early 2000’s, two fishermen got a little lost when they were out fishing and landed upon the shores of North Sentinel Island. They were discovered by the tribe and then killed. India has tried countless times to create a relationship with this group of people to no avail. Currently, you are not allowed to go within a three mile radius of this island due to obvious safety concerns.

4. Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

Created to stand the test of time, the Svarlbard Global Seed Vault contains 864, 309 samples of seeds from around the world. These seeds are protected from any disaster, man made or natural, to provide an opportunity to rebuild after any possible disaster in the future. It is located on an island called Svalbard in Iceland where very, very few people even have the keys to the building. Only a select few are able to go inside on days when they are accepting new seeds.

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