15 Places You Cannot Visit Even If you Want To

15 Places You Cannot Visit Even If you Want To

When you start planning a vacation, the world is at your fingertips. Where will you travel next? How will you get there? What is waiting for you once you arrive? There are some locations, however, that you will never be allowed to visit, mostly for good reason! In this article, we are going to explore the locations that you either will never want to visit, or are just dying to find out what is there.

1. Snake Island, Brazil

Located off the coast of Brazil, Snake Island contains Golden Lancehead Vipers. These snakes have venom that can melt human skin and kill extremely quickly. The Brazilian government has forbidden any travellers from stepping onto this island as it is predicted that there are around 4000 snakes, which equates to one snake per square meter. This location is definitely a nightmare concept for many.

2. Area 51, Nevada

If you don’t know what Area 51 is, you have some Googling to do! Area 51 is a government facility that conducts tests on…well, we aren’t sure what. In the past it was used to test certain aircrafts, which is what many people misunderstood as seeing Alien saucers flying through the sky. But this was years ago…so what happens now? We can only guess what is going on, but this area was not officially acknowledged by the government to exist until around 2013.

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