10 Interesting Cultural Facts about Cyprus

10 Interesting Cultural Facts about Cyprus

A kaleidoscope of cultural and geographical influences, the island country of Cyprus, languishes in the European Mediterranean, even though only half of the country is part of the European Union (EU). Steeped with a mix of British, Western, and Ottoman influence in major tourist centers like Pafos, Agia Nappa, and Limasol, Cyprus is located picturesquely in the midst of Syria, Turkey, Greece, and Lebanon.

However, most come to explore the small, colorful villages with their shimmering island views, take in the fresh scent of citrus groves along the Akamas Peninsula, and lose themselves in the heavenly golden beaches that speckle the golden coastline along the Kırpaşa Peninsula.

But you might not know about these interesting and cultural Cyprus facts…

1. The Unique Location of Cyprus

Cyprus lies in the midst of several Middle Eastern nations—including Syria, Lebanon, and Israel. But its closest country in proximity is Turkey to the south. This unique location has set up the island of Cyprus as a neutral crossroads for many diplomatic proceedings throughout history.

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2. Impressively Sized Cyprus

Everyone knows that Cyprus is an island, but most people aren’t aware that it actually boasts an impressive footprint. In fact, Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean—it’s only rivaled in mass by Sardinia and Sicily, and it’s larger than the Greek island of Crete.

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