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England for Sports Fans: Where to Go and What to See

When thinking of England and sports the first thing that comes to mind may be soccer/football, and while footy is the national staple on TVs around the world many other venues provide up close and personal experiences not necessarily available elsewhere. While select soccer stadiums are recommended, the scope of sport in England is much wider than that of North America given its proximity to other nations. Leaving no sport untouched (except for the beloved cheese-rolling event), take a trip through England to visit the best venues and sports the country has to offer.

8.  Horseracing: Aintree Racecourse – Sefton, Merseyside, England

This track is home to the Grand National steeplechase, one of the most prestigious horseraces in the world. Over 4.5 miles, the Grand National is considered one of the most difficult in terms of stamina and jumping, in some cases resulting in less than a quarter of the horses that started actually finishing the race. Motor racing, music and golf are other events that are known to take place at the grounds; however the steeplechase is the premium draw. A fine day can be had at Aintree; dress up, place a few bets, and enjoy the sophistication of this venue.

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