China Vacation: 10 Things To Know Before You Take Off


8. Tipping

A common question for travelers is “when should I tip?” and the answer depends on the establishment. If you receive good service in a westernized place like a hotel, it is common and much appreciated to tip waiters, room service staff, bellhops, maids and tour guides/drivers. You are not expected to tip local taxi drivers or staff at Chinese restaurants (those not geared for westerners) and it should be mentioned that Hong Kong and Macau because of their westernization generally follow the same tipping practices as in North America.


7. Visa Requirements

With a few specific exemptions, most travelers to China will need to obtain a visa prior to their scheduled vacation. It is recommended that travelers apply for the visa at least 1 month before their departure to ensure it is processed in time. The cost of the visa depends on a few factors including what country you are from and the processing time required for your application. It’s best to do your homework on visas for China well in advance of your trip.

Chinese Visa
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