Brooklyn’s 9 Best Hidden Gems

Brooklyn’s 9 Best Hidden Gems

It’s safe to say that anyone who knows anything about New York City knows that Brooklyn has a lot to offer. From its unique culture to the food and arts scene in Williamsburg to its museums and institutions, Brooklyn has just as many must-see stops as Manhattan and, much like the more-visited borough, Brooklyn has a check-list of “things to do.” While museums and art galleries are fine, Brooklyn has lots of quirky and off-the-beaten path assets to recommend it. Here are 9 attractions that are less likely to appear in your guidebook or even to be marked.

9. Beaches

Given Brooklyn’s reputation as an urban jungle in the metropolis of New York City (and its most populous borough), we tend not to think about natural spaces. Sure, Brooklyn has parks and greenspaces, but we often forget that, since it’s on the coast, Brooklyn is also home to some pretty nice beaches. Gerritsen Beach, Marine Park and Plumb Beach are a few of the lesser-known; Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach, near Coney Island, are both more popular and better known, thanks to their proximity to the amusements of Coney Island. All of these beaches are on the Atlantic Ocean, along inlets like Sheepshead Bay, Jamaica Bay and Gravesend Bay. Several other beaches also exist in Brooklyn. If you visit the Big Apple in the summertime, plan time to escape from the heat of the city and get to the beach, like a true New Yorker!

Brighton Beach Brooklyn

8. Discount Broadway Tickets

Going to a Broadway show is sort of a staple of visiting New York City. But tickets to a show can cost a lot, especially if the tickets are limited availability or the show is really popular (the Lion King is notorious for this). So savvy New Yorkers know to get their tickets discounted. While most tourists will likely be familiar with the TKTS Discount kiosk in Times Square, which offers tickets up to 50% off for same-day performances, locals know that you can beat the crowds by heading out of Midtown. The TKTS Discount kiosk in Brooklyn has much shorter lines—sometimes, lines are even non-existent. Best of all, you’ll get to save time and money, since the discounts they offer are exactly the same. Actually, the Brooklyn kiosk is even better, because you can get next-day tickets to matinee performances at a discounted price.

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