Britain’s 15 Best Beaches


13. Watergate Bay, Newquay

It is one of the most popular beaches in the area due to the predictable Atlantic swells that provide the perfect waves for any surfer. This two-mile stretch of golden sand also happens to be beautiful with its dunes and cliffs providing the picture perfect backdrop. Families happen to love this beach as there are plenty of rock pools filled with crabs and other creatures to amuse the kids, while adults can book a surfing lesson or relax nearby. This wide stretch of beach ensures that it never feels crowded and there are plenty of things to do other than swim, including taking a hike along the cliff top or taking a traction kiting lesson from the nearby academy. There are a couple of restaurants located right on the beach as well as hotels for extended stays. Make sure to grab your board, pack plenty of buckets for the kids and prepare to spend at least a day exploring this beach.

Watergate Bay, Newquay

12. Luskentyre, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

The landscape in the Outer Hebrides is enough of a reason to go, never mind the breathtaking beaches that are present here. Arguably the best of the beaches here is Luskentyre, largely in part to its azure-green waters that look more like Caribbean waters. Miles of white sand backed by beautiful dunes set the stage for this incredible coastline. This beach is truly incredible at any time of the year and the most popular activity here is to walk along the stretch of sand. Depending on the sun, clouds and sky, expect the water to constantly change color from green to blue to black and back to green. Expect the scenery to change along the way with pools, cliffs, islands and an abundance of wildlife. Otters, seals, dolphins, wild ponies, eagles and deer are all known to call this place home.

Luskentyre, Outer Hebrides, Scotland
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