Best Cities To Visit In The US In 2019

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The United States is one of the best countries to go and explore because it has so much to offer. From rocky mountain ranges that are perfect for skiing or snowboarding in the winter, to amazing hiking and biking trails in the summer, to miles and miles of white sandy beaches in coastal cities, lined with palm trees, the relaxing sound of crashing waves, and an exciting downtown that comes to life when the sun goes down.

When it comes to choosing a destination, there are so many things to consider. No matter what the trip is for, whether it be an exciting weekend getaway with friends or a family-friendly vacation with kids, tourists are generally all looking for the same thing. They want to visit a city that is safe for them to explore without worry, and one that has lots to do, see, and eat! If you’re already looking ahead into 2019 to plan the perfect vacation, don’t fret! We’ve compiled an extensive list containing all the best cities to visit in the U.S. in 2019! Check it out:

25. Boulder, Colorado

First up on this list is Boulder, Colorado. A small population of only 105,420 people nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is what makes this city so quiet and cozy. You probably won’t need much convincing to go check out this city as it’s already considered a popular vacation spot. Starting with the beautiful scenery and amazing outdoor recreation, Boulder, Colorado is brimming with reasons to visit in 2019. Obviously one of the biggest draws to this city is the skiing and snowboarding, but it’s also a great place to come in the summer because there are tons of great hiking opportunities in areas like Chautauqua Park which is also a National Historic Landmark. It’s also close to the Flatirons which contain iconic rock walls that overlook the city.

In addition to the breathtaking views and endless outdoor activities, it’s ranked as one of the best places to live in the state of Colorado. Niche ranks this city with an overall A+. It lands an A in outdoor activities, B for weather, A in nightlife, B+ in diversity, and a B- in crime & safety. In terms of safety, this city is a pretty safe bet. It’s also been ranked #13 on the Best Cities to Live in America list and #15 for Best Cities to Raise a Family in America. Data collected from a 2018 report shows that Boulder had 232 violent crimes per 100,000 residents and 3,000 property crimes per 100,000 residents.

24. Richardson, Texas

In addition to being a great place to live and retire (this city was voted #4 for Best Cities to Retire in America and #9 for Best Cities to Live in America), it’s also a great place to travel! Only a stones throw away from Dallas, Richardson is home to The University of Texas at Dallas. It also has tons of great shopping, lots of outdoor activities, and a few different places for the art-loving travellers. Retail therapy is a big hit in this city because it has some of the largest malls in Dallas including NorthPark Center and Galleria Dallas. It’s got everything from high-end stores, to vintage thrift shops, and even some Premium Outlets for those looking to save a few bucks. To enjoy the big outdoors visit one of Richardson’s 30 parks, many of which are connected to each other through hiking and biking trails. You can gaze at some of the local wildlife and wildflowers at the Spring Creek Nature Preserve and then take the kids to play on the animal sculpture at Galatyn Park Woodland Preserve.

If the parents want to sneak away for some fun on their own, or if you’re planning a weekend getaway with friends, there are some great golf courses in the area. Tour Texas recommends Sherrill Park which has two nationally-ranked courses at an affordable rate. Anyone into arts should check out a show at the Eisermann Center for Performing Arts where there is a constant streams of performances including concerts, plays, ballet, or art shows. After the show grab a beer at Richardson’s local craft brewery or take the kids and visit the Free Play Arcade where they can play one of 95 retro arcade games while the parents enjoy a drink from their extensive beer menu. When planning a trip here in 2019 be sure to plan a visit during the biannual Cottonwood Art Festival and the Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival!

23. McAllen, Texas

Located in the lower Rio Grande Valley, McAllen sits in the most southern area of Texas which means it has exceptional weather for vacationers. Nicknamed “The City of Palms” we immediately relax and settle into vacation-mode when we see all the sprawling palm trees in McAllen, Texas. Top that off with some fine shopping, a bustling nightlife, museums to wander, and tons of outdoor recreation areas to explore, and we’ve got one of the best U.S. cities to visit in 2019! One of the things this city prides themselves on is promoting local artists and their downtown historical district, so it’s a great place for those artsy-fartsy types to travel. Those who are interested in learning about the history of this city or just want something more educational and family friendly, there are lots of museums like International Museum of Art & Science, Quinta Mazatlan, or the Veteran’s War Memorial.

For those who are into art and culture this is definitely the city for you! Check out the MCA2 Creative Incubator, a former library with performances and exhibitions by local artists. You can even watch some of them work on their masterpieces. Those who are more interested in the nightlife scene, look up the 17th Street Entertinament District. The name says it all! It’s a very young. hip area situated in the heart of McAllen with all the best bars and restaurants in the city. We recommend ordering the “Q-Tea” from Bodega Tavern & Kitchen or slip into full vacation mode with a “RGV Punch” at the 2nd St. Bistro Bar & Market — this drink tastes like vacation. We didn’t even know that was possible! Safety is not a concern here as the security guards monitor the area, there’s plenty of parking, and pedi-cabs line the streets so that no one drinks and drives.

22. Santa Clara, California

Located just 45 miles from San Francisco, Santa Clara has been a popular tourist destination for quite some time, mainly because it’s brimming with family friendly attractions, warm reliable weather, and lots for adults to do including shopping, wineries, sporting events and the world’s most high-tech stadium! No surprise that 2019 is no different. Santa Clara is the perfect place to go for a girls weekend getaway or with the kids for a family vacation.

Adults can enjoy visiting one of the many California wineries or spend the day shopping at Santa Clara Town Centre. Sports fans will want to attend a football game and cheer on the San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium. You can even take a tour of the stadium and visit the training centre! There’s also tons of interactive and educational museums to check out like the Intel Museum or learn all about the city’s history at Mission Santa Clara. If you need anymore convincing, Niche gives this city an overall A grade based on nightlife, diversity, weather, outdoor activities and crime & safety.

21. Roseville, California

Not only does Roseville, California just sounds like a pleasant place to go, but guess what? It actually is! We’re thinking it gets it’s rose-themed name from those beautiful sunsets. In addition to that, one of the main attractions here is the shopping. Roseville has a strong economy and much of that has to do with the fact that it has the 13th highest retails sales in all of California. We’re thinking there are some pretty good shops to check out here in 2019. Home to the second largest shopping mall in Northern California, this city is a great destination for families as there are tons of family-friendly activities. You could take the kids to the Strikes Family Entertainment Center to play some bowl or the All American Speedway to watch some stock car racing. There’s also Thunder Valley Casino Resort for the adults and Golfland Sunsplash for the kids. Want to catch an outdoor concert? Head to the new outdoor amphitheater, Quarry Park. If you’re looking for something a little more educational there are many museums to visit as well, like Placer County Museum, Natural History Museum, and the Blue Line Arts with displays from regional and national artists.

This city has made quite the name for itself being voted as one of the Healthiest Cities in America, Healthiest Places to Live in America, and one of the Best Cities to Retire in America. Niche graded it with an overall A with a B- in crime & safety, A+ for weather, A for diversity, B+ for nightlife, and an A in outdoor activities. We suggest not packing a lot when visiting this city because you’ll be doing lots of shopping!

20. Cape Coral, Florida

Florida is a common go-to vacation spot, especially for those who live up North where the winters are cold, dark and dreary! When winter comes, nothing sounds better than a trip to Sunshine State. Florida is just relaxing. The weather is amazing, there’s palm trees, lots of beaches, beautiful waterfronts, and just an overall kickback vibe. When planning a trip to this state, we suggest looking into Cape Coral. It’s been rated one of the Best Cities to Retire in America and Best Cities for Outdoor Activities in America.

The most obvious draw to a place like Cape Coral are the amazing white sand beaches, but if the kids are looking for a little more excitement, pack them up for a day and head to the Sun Splash Family Waterpark. Of course, there’s plenty more to do outside than just the beach. You could take a hike along the boardwalks in Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve, learn about Florida’s ecosystem at the Rotary Park Environmental Center, or visit the Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly Garden. Those who are of age, we suggest also taking a tour of the distillery and barrel room at Wicked Dolphin Artisan Rum! This tour is so popular you’ll need to book in advance.

19. Bellevue, Washington

Washington is one of the most underrated and overlooked places to go for a vacation. When we think of Washington, we often think of the White House and boring museums, but it’s also a great place for outdoor activities, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife! In fact Bellevue, Washington was ranked #9 on a list of Best Cities for Outdoor Activities in America! It’s also #10 on Best Cities to Raise a Family in America, so we know it’s a pretty safe city to travel to in 2019. Now let’s take a closer look at what there is to do in this city…

Only about a 25-minute drive from Seattle, Bellevue offers a small-town vibe with all the activities of a big city. There are tons of festivals happening all year round like agricultural fairs at Kelsey Creek Farm Park, or the annual Strawberry Festival. There also a Bellevue Arts and Crafts Fair and interactive venues like the Bellevue Arts Museum and KidsQuest Children’s Museum. For some delicious dining experiences, we suggest checking out the Taqueria El Rinconsito or Ooba Tooba Mexican Grill for some of the best Mexican food you’ve ever tasted! Wash it all down with some wine at one of the 120 wine tasting rooms featuring some of the world’s best wines!

18. Temecula, California

Who wouldn’t want to go to California on vacation? When people travel they’re usually looking to go someplace warm, and Temecula is the place to be in 2019. It’s only a 70-minute drive from the San Diego airport which means it’s close enough to all the action, but off the crowded path of tourists coming into this state. There are so many amazing things to do in this city, but one of the best things about Temecula is its wine region. This city is known for its award-winning wineries and the best way to see them is on a hot air balloon ride over the Temecula Valley. This is a one of a kind experience that you just can’t find anywhere else!

If you’re not exactly a wine-o, don’t fret, there’s still lots to do. You could do some shopping in the Promenade Temecula, or at the historic Old Town Temecula shops. Take a walk back in time by visiting Temecula’s Old Town. This place offers a great variety of dinning, shopping, and entertainment. It’s the perfect place to just walk around, explore, and learn about the city. With lots of farm-t0-table restaurants, rustic buildings to view, craft breweries and outdoor festivals, you don’t have to plan ahead. Just a quick stroll around would suffice. If you’re looking for some arts and entertainment, check out a show at the Old Temecular Community Theater, visit the Temecula Valley Museum, or the Temecula Children’s Museum which is sure to be a special treat for the kids.

17. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you the city that was ranked in the #1 spot on a list of Best Cities to Live in America! It was also ranked #4 for Best Cities to raise a Family in America. Ann Arbor is the sixth largest city in Michigan and has pretty much everything that a resident and tourist could want when traveling in 2019. This city provides world-class dining, unique shopping, sports, cultural and arts events, as well as some terrific outdoor activities including golf, hiking, cross-country skiing, and according to the Ann Arbor website, some of the best canoeing and kayaking in southeastern Michigan!

In addition to their world-class dining with over 300 restaurants to choose from, anyone who’s a fan of craft beer will want to visit Original Gravity, Jolly Pumpkin or 734 Brewing because this city has a long history as one of the best craft beer destinations. When it comes to arts and culture, there is no shortage of events going on. Check out one of the renowned galleries and museums where there is bound to be either an art exhibit, theatrical or musical performance to see. The two most famous events to attend in the area are the Ann Arbor Art fair and of course, a University of Michigan football game. In the fall, an Ann Arbor football game will bring in more than 100,000 people. If you’ve never experienced tailgating at a football game, this is your chance!

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16. Burbank, California

Looking for an authentic California experience? Visit Burbank, California! Not only does it have that amazing sunny California weather with tons of beaches to explore, but it’s also only a few minutes from Hollywood and other popular SoCal attractions like that iconic Hollywood sign. This city is crawling with celebrities because it’s home to some heavy hitters in the TV and film industry. I mean, hello, the Warner Bros. studio is here! Keep an eye out for any celebrity sightings, sign up for one of the many behind the scenes studio tours, or grab a seat at one of several live TV tapings in the area. This city is where some of our favorite shows were filmed like Friends, ER, The Big Bang Theory, and even The Ellen DeGeneres Show! Looking for something a little more relaxing? No problem. Lounge by the pool, at the beach, or visit Magnolia Park for some one of a kind retro-hip vintage shopping.

It’s not all glitz and glam in this city either. There’s tons of outdoor activities to do with friends or family. Let’s be honest, the weather here is amazing so you’d better get outdoors! Play a round of golf at the Debell Golf Course, go horseback riding in Griffith Park, or hike around in Hollywood Hills and the Verdugo Mountains. We’re telling you, the options in this city are endless!

15. Rochester, Minnesota

Aside from being the home of Mayo Clinic (a nonprofit academic medical center), this city is also known for being one of the best cities to live in the United States! It’s consistently ranked as one of the top cities to raise a family and an amazing place to visit. The cities website describes this destination as being “distinguished by its culture of caring, spirit of innovation, and fascinating history, Rochester, MN is also renowned for its scenic beauty, relaxing pace, and abundant dining, shopping and entertainment options.” What’s not to like about that?!

Niche grades this city with an overall A+ and we can totally see why. According to Liveability, because the city is home to the world’s first and largest not-for-profit group medical practice, the proximity to Minneapolis, and the University of Minnesota-Rochester, there is a pretty steady flow of international guests coming in and out of this city which means there’s always something going on in terms of cultural events and organizations. We suggest checking out one of the many craft breweries, catch some live music at either a local coffee shop or a concert auditorium, do some shopping downtown, and pop into the Rochester Art Center which is located in the same building as the Mayo Civic Center. The best way to get around and learn about the city is to hop on one of the cities many trolley tours.

14. Overland Park, Kansas

You might not have ever heard of Overland Park, Kansas, but it checks all the boxes for a great place to live and visit. The year 2018 was a big one for this city as it was ranked one of the top cities in many different categories by several publications. For example it was ranked as one of the best cities for millennials to buy a home by Smartasset and one of Top 100 Best Places to Live by Livability, WalletHub and Money magazine. In addition to that, Niche ranked this city with an overall A+ with an A- in outdoor activities, B for weather, A- for diversity, A- for nightlife, and B- for crime & safety! We’re thinking 2019 is gonna be just as big for Overland Park!

Overland Park is the second most populous city in the state of Kansas with lots of family friendly neighborhoods, as well as restaurants, coffee shops and parks for tourists to visit. One of the best things about this city is that it has a little bit of everything. It has rural attractions like Deanna Rose Farmstead and outdoor activities to check out like the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, Indian Creek Hike and Bike Trails, as well as some great city life aspects like the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art and a downtown that’s just buzzing with activity. Traveling with kids? No problem! Considering it has been ranked one of the best places to raise a family, there are tons of family-friendly activities as well. Have a little fun playing and learning at the interactive Museum at Prairiefire: American Museum of Natural History, catch at movie at the Cinetopia Overland Park or try skydiving at the indoor iFLY Kansas City!

13. Plano, Texas

Living up to its Texas standards, Plano has a big reputation! It was named one of the “Safest Cities in America” and “Best Run Cities in America” by Law Street Media and 24/7 Wall Street. It’s also been named by Livability as one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live and as having one of the best Downtowns with tons of quirky boutiques, art galleries, and places to grab some grub. One of the reasons this city is such a great place to live is because there are lots of jobs available due to the technology growth and the fact that it’s home to headquarters for more than 25 American companies like Cinemark Theatres, Dr. Pepper, Frito-Lay, JC Penny, and Pizza Hut.

You’ll find no shortage of things to do in this city. Located just north of Dallas, Plano has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene with a bustling downtown that has tons of really unique restaurants to feed the foodie in any traveler and lots of great bars to unwind after a long day. Livability suggests grabbing a bite to eat at Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar, Winner BBQ, or one of the upscale steakhouses like Seasons 52 or Bob’s Steak and Chophouse. There’s usually some great live shows going on at one of Plano’s bars and clubs like the Dirty Rooster or Love & War in Texas Restaurant. Looking for some outdoorsy activities? Hit up the Collin County Farmers’ Market and put together a picnic, then take a hike in the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve where there are miles and miles of trails for walking and biking, as well as an observation deck for bird-watching! Those with kids could also check out the Plano Aquatic Center and Kid Mania.

12. Sunnyvale, California

It’s always sunny in Sunnyvale, California! One of the greatest things about Sunnyvale is that it’s a hidden gem. Even though it’s a shame this city is often overlooked due to it’s proximity to Lake Tahoe or the Sierra Nevada, it also means it’s way less crowded. Located in the hub of “Silicon Valley,” this city acts as a headquarters and operating center for many tech companies including Apple, LinkedIn, Google, Walmart Labs and 23andMe. In addition to it being a cool spot for tech lovers, Sunnyvale has something for art snobs too! There are over 100 different pieces of art on display to the public in this city. Some of the main attractions are El Paseo de Los Suenos and Meadow Flowers.

Sunnyvale was rated #5 on a 2018 list of Best Cities for Outdoor Activities in America and landed in the #7 spot on Safest Cities in America, so it’s a great place to come and explore the outdoors with friends and family. You’ll want to check out Las Palmas Park which is the cities most loved park, as well as Serra Park where there’s tons of quiet spots to stop and have a picnic, and take a leisurely stroll through Baylands Park or Sunnyvale Bay Trail. You could also go play a round of golf at the Sunken Gardens Golf Course and finish the day off with a drink and some laughs at the Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Club. If you’re there on a weekend, be sure to check out the Sunnyvale Farmers market which is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., or visit the historic Olsen family farm. There’s also the Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum which was built as a replica of the famous Murphy family home.

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11. Carlsbad, California

Located right near San Diego, Carlsbad is often overlooked, but it’s a great place to go and escape the crowded San Diego hotspots while still enjoying a vibrant California city! Rated one of the best cities to live in California and deemed “The Village by the Sea,” there are tons of really cool things to do here, but it’s best known for its Tamarack Surf Beach, the Carlsbad Sea Wall, and it’s secluded Carlsbad State Beach. VacationIdea describes Carlsbad as a place with the charm of a European city, but the atmosphere of a typical California coastal community. What else could you want?! It’s the perfect weekend getaway with tons of amazing beaches to relax on and wash away the hectic work week, play a round of golf or enjoy a glass of wine with a view of the coastline at one of the many great restaurants. Families who vacation here will definitely want to check out Legoland California, Sea Life Aquarium and the South Carlsbad State Beach.

Niche gives this city an overall A rating with a B in crime & safety, A- in diversity, B+ for nightlife, A+ for weather and an A- in outdoor activities. If you’re worried about safety, don’t! The latest data collected by Niche showed that there were only 214 violent crimes per 100,000 residents and 1,807 property crimes per 100,000 residents.

10. Round Rock, Texas

Another high scoring Texas city is Round Rock which seems fitting considering this city deems itself the Sports Capital of Texas. For people who live here, sports is a big part of their life as they host some of the biggest tournaments and events all year round at their world-class parks, ballfields and Round Rock Sports Center. Tourists will want to check out Old Settlers Park for a taste of just how big the sports life is in this city and later catch a game at the Dell Diamond. There’s also a great downtown area where visitors can enjoy lots of great shopping at the Round Rock Premium Outlets, but first stop in at Round Rock Donuts for a real authentic Texas experience. This place serves up breakfast SUPER early starting at 4 a.m. where locals and tourists from all over the country stop in to try one of their authentic Texas-sized donuts. If the weather is nice, take the kids to cool off at the Rock’N River Water Park or learn about the city’s history at the Brushy Creek Crossing.

Niche grades this city with an overall A+ and this is based off other grades like a B+ for outdoor activities, A- for weather, A+ for diversity, B for nightlife, and a B for crime & safety. Round Rock is the fifth safest city in America and 13th best city to raise a family in America. The crime & safety data presented by Niche for 2018 shows there were 135 violent crimes per 100,000 residents and 2,167 property crimes per 100,000 residents.

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9. League City, Texas

Round of applause for League City, Texas which gets an overall A+ ranking from Niche! This A+ comes from a collection of grades which includes a B in crime & safety, A- for outdoor activities, B+ for weather, A in diversity, and B+ in nightlife. ranks League City in their top 10 for safest cities to travel in 2019 and writes, “In total, there were 97 violent crimes and 1,718 property crimes in League City; that’s really good for a place of 105,000 people.”

Not only is this a safe, family-friendly city to visit, it’s got tons of stuff to do. The kids will have so much fun at the Kemah Boardwalk where they can ride a huge wooden rollercoaster, take a cruise through Galveston Bay on the Boardwalk Beast and parents can check out some of the retail speciality shops then finish the day off with a meal at one of the many restaurants along the boardwalk! After a day of fun, take the kids somewhere with a little more learning like the Butler Longhorn Museum & Heritage Park or the West Bay Common School Children’s Museum.

8. Frisco, Texas

Giddy on up to Frisco, Texas because Niche has graciously graded this city with an overall A+ rating! It’s family friendly and tourist friendly with a B+ in crime & safety, B in nightlife, A in diversity, B+ for weather, and B- for outdoor activities. This definitely isn’t a city that most people think of when they’re planning a vacation, but it’s actually one of the safest cities to visit due to it’s impressive low crime rate. According to Niche, the latest data available shows this city had 102 violent crimes per 100,000 residents and 1,488 property crimes per 100,000 residents.

Another big draw to this Texan city? Sports. Get an authentic Frisco experience by attending a FC Dallas soccer game at Toyota Stadium or watching a Frisco RoughRiders baseball game while floating down the Lazy River at Dr Pepper Ballpark. And how could we forget those Dallas Cowboys! Take a tour of their new headquarters and practice facility at The Star and then stay and watch them practice. Not into sports? No problem. There’s also tons of shopping in Frisco at their 9 million square foot mall and over 300 restaurants in the area to choose from. If you’re looking for an outdoor experience, you’ll be pleased to learn that Frisco is one of eight “Bicycle Friendly” communities in Texas with lots of trails to explore. And what would a trip to an American city be without a good old history lesson? Visit the Museum of the American Railroad, the Frisco Heritage Museum, or play on the world’s largest Pong console at the National Videogame Museum!

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7. Murrieta, California

Yet another California city on this list, Murrieta is a great city to visit in 2019. You can travel here worry-free because not only does it have pretty much anything a person could be looking for in a vacation spot with activities from skydiving, to wine tasting, scenic hiking, and a vibrant downtown night life, but it’s also one of the safest cities in the U.S. and the fastest growing. It deems itself ‘The future of Southern California,’ so already we know this city has lots to offer! Niche graded it with an overall B+  with an A in outdoor activities, A in weather, A+ in diversity, B in crime & safety, and B in nightlife. According to, people who live in Murrieta have a 1 in 71.4 chance of being the victim of a property crime and 1 in 1,412 chance of being the victim of a violent crime. These are among the best statistics for a city in the country.

Situated just outside the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, Murrieta has some of the most amazing picturesque scenery in the region. If you’re an outdoorsy traveler, this is the place to go. Some of the best outdoorsy things to do in Murrieta are hike and picnic in Copper Canyon Park, bike through the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve, and then visit Tenaja Falls, a natural phenomena consisting of a five tiered waterfall with a 150-foot drop. If you get thirsty, sip some wine at Frangipani Winery or check out one of Murrieta’s four totally unique breweries. Need something a little more kid-friendly? Take the kids to the Murrieta Farmer’ Market and put together a picnic to be enjoyed later that day. History buffs should check out the Veterans Memorial and then take a walk back in time to Ray’s Murrieta Cafe, a building that dates back to 1912 which started out as an ice cream parlor. While there’s no ice cream here anymore, it’s still a great place to grab a bite to eat and take in the historic setting.

6. Port St. Lucie, Florida

Florida has this reputation as being boring and where seniors go to retire, but it’s also a great place to vacation! Located down south, the weather is generally always nice so it’s a popular spot for snowbirds who live up north to come and visit during those dreadful winter months. Graded with a B overall by Niche, it gets an A- for outdoor activities, A for weather, A for diversity, B for nightlife, and a B- for crime & safety. According to, Port St. Lucie is the third best city for its property crime rates and the ninth best in terms of violent crime rates which makes it a safe destination for tourists.

Now what’s there to do around here?! Well for starters, since the weathers so nice you’ll be outside A LOT. You and the kids could take a hike the West Jupiter Wetlands trail or the Hungryland Slough Boardwalk. If you’re looking for a big more of an adventure try paddling the famous Indian River Lagoon and explore some of Florida’s greatest treasures like Coral Cove park, Blowing Rocks Preserve and the 1000-acre Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge. There are also places to ride horses on the beach, or for those who are into sports, play a few rounds of championship golf and catch a spring training baseball game fro the New York Mets!

5. Thousand Oaks, California

Even the name of this city sounds enticing! Thousand Oaks earned it’s name from the many oak trees present in the area which makes it a picturesque place to visit. Not only is this city pretty with lots of old trees scattered around, but it’s also in prime location to Los Angeles. You’re within travel distance to all the glitz and glamour of L.A., but without all the chaos and traffic. This city is located only 40 miles away from downtown L.A which is about a 45-minute drive and an hour from the beaches of Santa Barbara. Plan a visit to any of the fun surrounding parks like Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, or the Getty Museum. All of these family friendly tourist attractions are within an hour and half driving distance. There’s also tons of shopping and dining. The Thousand Oaks website suggests checking out places like the Lazy Dog Cafe or famous Cheesecake Factory. If you want to take advantage of that warm sunny weather and do some outdoorsy stuff, there are tons of hiking and biking trails in the area. You can even check out some waterfalls at the city’s Wildwood Park.

You can also sleep soundly at night here knowing this city ranks as the eighth safest city in America (this is based off consistent FBI reporting). According to, Thousand Oaks had only 172 violent crimes last year which basically means most people who live here will never encounter one. In addition to that, last year there were only 1,687 property crimes.

4. Allen, Texas

Go big or go home! This affluent family friendly city ranks big as it earns an A+ from Niche for it’s overall grade. It’s considered one of the best cities to raise a family in the state of Texas. In addition to being one of the best cities to raise a family in the state of Texas, it’s also super safe for residents and tourists, and offers what it boasts as “a small-town feel” with “big city choices.” Don’t let its small population fool you, this city is growing. Time magazine said Allen, Texas has seen $1.6 billion in development in 2017 with several tech and cybersecurity companies moving into the area bringing jobs. Economic growth means that other parts of the city are growing as well. There are tons of little boutique shops and restaurants within walking distance where tourists can grab a glass of wine on a patio and listen to live music after a day of shopping. When it comes to activities, this city has the largest outdoor skate part in Texas, beautiful golf course, and a huge indoor water park called the Don Rodenbaugh Natatorium which is great for families.

Niche grants this city a B+ for its crime & safety, a B- for nightlife, A for diversity, B+ for weather, and a B- for outdoor activities. According to statistics presented on Niche’s website, the latest data shows that Texas had 98 violent crimes per 100,000 residents and 1,245 property crimes per 100,000 residents. writes that people who live in Allen, Texas have a “1 in 1,017 chance of being the victim of violent crime.” Basically, this city is a safe place to travel and to top it all off, it’s got the excitement and entertainment to seal the deal making it one of the best American cities to visit in 2019.

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3. Naperville, Illinois

Naperville lands in the number one spot for “Best Cities to Raise a Family in America” and “Safest Cities in America.” Several sources deem it to be one of the safest cities in America and the latest data shows that the number of violent crimes in the area was only 92 per 100,000 residents and 1,160 property crimes per 100,000 residents. Clearly, Naperville, Illinois is a great place to put down some roots and start a family. Not only that, but it’s also being deemed a great place to vacation! According to Liveability, it’s was ranked as one of the best places to visit in 2018.

Since we’ve established this city is a safe place for tourists to wander around and explore, let’s talk about what there is to see and do. Just over 30 miles from the big city of Chicago, anyone visiting Naperville could easily plan a visit to the windy city, but there’s also lots to do in the much smaller, but just as noteworthy downtown of Naperville. The nightlife here is bustling with energy due to the number of bars, restaurants, hotels, and shopping. There’s a diverse range of venues to visit, but the most notable are definitely those with live music. Liveability suggests checking out Frankie’s Blue Room and Wentz Concert Hall. What about families? Don’t fret – it’s also a really family-friendly city! Families can visit interactive museums like DuPage Children’s Museum or the Naper Settlement where kids can learn all about the city’s history by costumed performers and walking through historic buildings. Want to take advantage of the warm weather in the summertime? Check out the city’s “crown jewel” DuPage River while strolling along the Naperville Riverwalk. You could also visit Knoch Knolls Park, go swimming in the historic stone quarry at Centennial Park, or take a hike and have a picnic in Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve.

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2. Glendale, California

This warm and sunny city is not only a great place to live and retire (it ranks in the 33rd spot as Best Cities to Retire in America), but it’s also incredibly safe and has lots of bars, restaurants, coffee shops and parks to visit! Niche gives Glendale, California an overall A- rating after calculating an A for outdoor activities, A+ for weather, A for diversity and nightlife, and a B for crime & safety. Being the third largest city L.A. there’s tons of stuff for tourists to do and it’s only about 8-miles for L.A. downtown.

No need to worry about walking the streets as a tourist in this city because it sits in the top 10 as one of the Safest Cities in America. A poll conducted with people who live in this city found that 60-percent of people feel their area is safe with next to no crime and 70-percent rated the police as very responsive and visible. With that being said, there are over 50 public parks within the city limits for tourists to enjoy. One of the locals favorites is Deukmejian Wilderness Park because it’s much quieter than the others, but all the trails will offer beautiful scenery including waterfalls, creeks, and amazing vistas. After a day of hiking, grab a bite to eat at another local favorite, Glendale’s Recess Eatery and then try some craft beers at the Brewyard Brewery and Taproom.

In addition to all the great shopping, dining and outdoor activities, Glendale is actually a very neat place to visit for history buffs because it’s has a well documented past. There is lots of old architecture like the Doctor’s House Museum & Gazebo, the historic Alex Theater, and Glendale’s Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery. This local sanctuary is full of all the gravesites of past notable celebrities who lived in the area. Creepy!

1. Irvine, California

No surprise here that one of the best cities to visit in the U.S. is in sunny California! Time to pack those summer clothes because Irvine is located in the beautiful Orange County and is one of the best places to live in California. It’s also the second safest city to live in in America and one of the healthiest cities in the country! describes this city as one of those places where residents leave their doors unlocked and let their children run around and play unsupervised like the good old days because there isn’t much to worry about around here. According to data presented by Niche, the amount of violent crimes in 2018 was 62 per 100,000 residents and 1,316 per 100,000 residents for property crimes.

There is no shortage of things to do in Irvine, California. Besides the obvious which is hanging out at the beach, there are lots of hiking trails like the ones in Bommer Canyon. Catch a concert at FivePoint Amphitheatre or learn about the city’s diverse history at any of the local museums like Irvine Historical Museum, Ranch Historic Park, or Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial. Anyone visiting this city will most definitely want to stop in at Orange County Great Park which was created in tribute to its former location the Marine Corps Air Station El Toro. Sitting on 1,300 acres of land, it’s described as one of the “most modern metropolitan parks in the world” with tons and tons of activities and attractions like balloon rides in the Great Park Balloon, Great park Farmer’s Market, a Sports Park, Great Park Carousel, and a Kids Rock Playground, just to name a few. To top it all off, Irvine is just a stones throw away from huge tourist attractions like Los Angeles, Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm theme park.