Absolute Must‑See Sites in Yorkshire

  1. York Castle Museum | York | North Yorkshire                   

Hundred’s of years of military and social history can be found within the wall’s of York Castle Museum, from heinous Victorian criminals to remastered Jacobean dining suites, all the way to the Space Age. Street scenes are recreated expertly, from old Victorian avenues to quaint, humble shops and even a debtor’s prison. Visitor’s will get a look at the inside of a typical English home throughout various eras with plenty authentic details. The accurately designed war trench built inside is a new exhibition bringing some of the terrors of World War One to life, from causes to fallout. With a single lane layout, the museum keeps visitors moving through the exhibits in a continuous way so no one ends up clustered around just one object or diorama stretching for a look, making the experience fluid and enticing and unique to many of the other museums around the country.

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