Absolute Must‑See Sites in Yorkshire

Absolute Must‑See Sites in Yorkshire

The historical and cultural wealth throughout Yorkshire screams “medieval” more so than any other English city. The extraordinary north England county backdrop hasn’t lost a bit of pre-industrial brilliance– a fantastic circular route, the 13th century city walls encompass a web of narrow, medieval streets with breathtaking York Minster at its heart (one of the finest Gothic cathedrals in the world today). Rich Roman and Viking heritage and lengthy history mingles with each beam and brick–the city’s well-touristed, modern landscape, filled with cafes, restaurants, museums, and traditional pubs, are authentic scions to Yorkshire’s history, blending seamlessly with ancient abbeys and awe-inspiring castles.

  1. York Minster | York

York’s most celebrated cathedral (The Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter in York or Saint Peter’s) is the biggest of its kind in northern Europe and one of the finest medieval archetypes in the country. The initial Christian church founded on the site dates to 627–the cardinal Archbishop was first chosen in 732 by the Pope. York Minster bears a long and rich history: the ceremonial heart of the ancient Roman fortress, the Basilica, was unearthed underneath Saint Peters and has been painstakingly maintained since. Surprisingly, an 866 Viking invasion didn’t destroy the original building but in 1069, William the Conqueror’s army did, and it was William’s Archbishop who redesigned it into a grand Norman cathedral. Presently, stunning York Minster is a Gothic style cathedral, built over a period of 250 years between 1220 and 1472.

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