A Walking Tour of Prague: 15 Historical Landmarks


14. Statue of Jan Hus

Further along the Old Town Square is the Statue of Jan Hus, a large memorial depicting the Protestant reformer who spoke out against the extravagance and corruption of the Catholic Church, particularly the Vatican. In the Middle Ages, there was little mercy for heresy and Jan Hus was no exception. Even though he received a letter of safe conduct from the Emperor, he was imprisoned for a year before being burned at the state in this very spot in 1415. His martyrdom sparked a revolt of Hussites who led a path of destruction across cities and villages. In response, Pope Martin V declared war on the heretics, which was the beginning of a long battle between the Catholic Crusaders and the Protestant Hussites. The colossal statue was the labor of love for Czech sculptor Ladislav Saloun, an autodidact artist who was heavily influenced by the works of Auguste Rodin.

Statue of Jan Hus
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