9 Tips for Visiting Alaska

9 Tips for Visiting Alaska

As the largest state in the U.S., Alaska offers some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet. With vast open ice fields, snow capped mountains, miles of green forest and fresh spring lakes, it’s unspoiled wilderness is not just for outdoor enthusiasts, but is appealing to anyone who appreciates being surrounded by natural beauty. The vast size of the state can be a bit daunting for the average traveler, but here are a few tips on where to start and on how to best experience this beautiful part of the world.

9. When Should I Go?

While each of the seasons offer unique experiences, when you should visit really depends on what you want to see and do.  Seasons to observe wildlife vary on the species. Peak tourist season runs from mid-June to August, with more mild temperatures (60-80 F) and extended hours of daylight, because of its northern location. Summer solstice (June 21) offers 19 hours of daylight (which is really an alternating between twilight and sunlight). For those who love outdoor winter recreation, December through March will give you lots of options. Better bundle up though; average temps range from 5 to 30 F.

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