8 Ways to Explore the Mighty Amazon River

8 Ways to Explore the Mighty Amazon River

The diversity and unrivaled size of the Amazon basin is a wonder adventure travelers flock to for experiencing the incredible ecosystem and boundless opportunity for exploration. Larger than India, the basin stretches over eight countries, offering more subtle joys than grandiose expectations: quiet, riverside villages, haunting cries of howler monkeys, and the silent but mighty movement of the river itself. This springboard to almost 30% of the word’s species provides a look at astounding bio-diversity and though unexpected surprises are possible, it’s the sheer breadth of the backdrop that’s most impressive.

8. White Water Rafting

The largest section of the Amazon River flows through Brazil just below the equator: the river runs east to west, crosses into Peru, and features tributaries throughout Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia. Immense amounts of water cascade from the Andes into flourishing Amazon canyons, crating exhilarating white water rafting experiences. The Amazon delivers exciting journeys spanning a day or two to three weeks and more with options for different ability levels. A four-day journey along the Rio Apurímac starts near Lima, Peru: the river carves through 9,000-foot deep canyons then unwaveringly descends into broad, bucolic valleys and lush Amazon rainforests. Adrenaline junkies might prefer a 12-day jaunt along the Tambopata River beginning north on the Lake Titicaca shoreline in Puno in Peru’s high plains. Riverside camping, and wildlife viewing (parrots, monkeys, alligators, tapirs, and more) are part of this intoxicating adventure.

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