8 Ways to Explore Kerala, India

8 Ways to Explore Kerala, India

A slip of coastal area in the deepest southern reaches of India, Kerala state is shaped by gleaming, unhurried backwaters, tea and spice-covered hills, beaches, and meandering Arabian Coast. Tradition and culture is distinct, found in extravagant temple festivals, Ayurvedic philosophies, and neighborhood snake boat races. The feel is a million miles from Delhi’s manic frenzy, where wild elephants roam and exotic birds fly overhead—they don’t call it “God’s Own Country” for nothing. Kerala eases the mind and quenches the soul, having its way with your mindset, and sends you off in dreamy disposition.

8. Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park is one, giant exhibition of Kerala’s most important natural treasures. Within the Thekkady district, it is one of India’s most prominent, southern-based national parks and a leading tourist destination. Open throughout the year, even through sodden monsoon season, Periyar is renowned for one of India’s most treasured animals: the elephant. Here, there are languid jungle tours perfect for observing the park’s rich wildlife and safaris by traditional boat across Periyar’s magnificent lake. There are plenty of options for entertaining eco-activities offered onsite by knowledgeable, friendly guides.

Periyar National Park
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