8 Tips to Plan Your Vacation at Atlantis Resort


3. Aquaventure

Do you like your waterparks super-sized? Then you’ll love this one that spreads out over a staggering 141 acres. There are your standard water slides- raft rides that twist and turn and thrill, along with some crazy body slides. The Abyss features a 50 ft near vertical drop plunging you into the dark. Regular water slides too tame for you? The Leap of Faith is aptly named, with a near 60 ft vertical drop out of a replica Mayan Temple that lets you accumulate some serious speed- to flow your way right through shark-filled lagoon (you are encased within the waterslide, of course). Aquaventure’s  lazy river is far from lazy. Think whitecaps and waves, tossing you about on the River Rapids. Crowds are large around this park, and inner tubes for the raft rides are a hot commodity. A tip: Enter the River Rapids at one of it’s many small entry points along the way, where there are far less people (and more tubes), rather than the main beach/entry point for the ride.

waterpark Atlantis Resort
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