8 Tips to Plan Your Vacation at Atlantis Resort


5. The Beach

If you are a beach lover, than you’ll love the miles of beaches available along Atlantis’s shoreline. Each one of their beaches has a distinct vibe all its own. The largest, Atlantis Beach, offers the most space, but is also public, meaning that you’ll encounter a number of vendors and expect to pay for things like umbrellas. Paradise Beach, located between the Reef and the Cove hotels is serene, with cushy chairs and shade covers. The Cove Beach has awesome snorkeling and tends to be slightly less crowded than the others. A tip: Can’t find a beach chair? Ask one of the attendants to help seat you. They don’t permit “saving” of chairs, and if people have left only towels behind, they will be happy to remove them to find you a seat.

6. Transportation

Don’t be deceived. This resort is huge, and expect to walk a lot. The resort does provide shuttle buses that run between the different hotels very regularly, starting for the most part around 8am in the morning until midnight (although some do run later). A word of warning: for those who plan to hike it, expect that you are going to be walking an awful lot even after the bus drops you off. You many want to save some of those steps by hopping on one of those buses.

Atlantis Paradise Island
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