8 Things to See and Do in Sapa, Vietnam


6. Sapa Homestay

One of the greatest and most profound ways to delve into Sapa’s interesting culture is through a homestay arranged ahead of time or upon arrival. This is the ultimate cultural experience where you’ll stay with a local family, live and eat alongside them, learn about the different ways of life in the rural, picturesque setting, and often have your own personal guide who will proudly introduce you to everyone in the vicinity! A village homestay further out of Sapa exemplifies ancient ways of life and scenery is at its best. Though enlightening and pleasant, it’s not for anyone expecting modern conditions—there are private rooms, flush toilets, and mosquito-netted beds in basic tidy homes. Homestay families must pass strict government testing and receive food training to offer comfortable, hygienic lodging. Vietnamese families are exceptionally friendly and just as curious about visitors’ lives as visitors are of theirs.

Sapa Homes Vietnam

5. Early Spring Church Singing—Ta Phin Commune

If you’re visiting Ta Phin village within the Sapa area in the early weeks of spring, you’ll be privy to one of the most beautiful traditions of the hill tribe people: church singing. Both locals and visitors throughout the area flock to the Ta Phin commune to watch this ancient wedding tradition and listen to the singing of the people. Most small tribal villages still base unions on pre-arranged relationships; during the church singing, the young grooms and brides-to-be are involved in a prominent procession making its way through the village while the young men and women proceed to sing and dance in an ongoing competition, vying to attract a partner of high esteem and fulfilling spiritual needs. The clothing is most definitely fantastic, a sight in itself, with vibrant, ethnic fabrics (woven and dyed by local women) spun into beautiful outfits.

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