8 Things to See and Do in Cambodia


6. Sample Authentic Khmer Cuisine

Though significantly less famous than the culinary delights of neighboring Thailand and Vietnam, the Khmer cuisine of Cambodia deserves foodie recognition in its own right. It is here that visitors can find immeasurable quantities of food stalls lining city streets and selling enormous plates of food for often, as little as a dollar. Especially worth trying are the humble bai sach chrouk (pork and rice), fish and meat amok (fish/meat mousse that sounds scary but will delight your taste buds) and lap khmer (a lime marinated beef salad dressed with lemongrass, shallots, garlic, green beans and green peppers). Given a fair shake, even picky eaters will be won over by the delightful balance of sweet and bitter that form the main characteristics of authentic Cambodian cuisine.

Khmer Cambodian Cuisine

5. Escape to the Beach Paradise of Koh Rong Island

After countless hours spent journeying on rickety buses, navigating ruins and traumatizing your mind with the brutal history of this region, a vacation from your vacation might be just what you need. The peaceful and laid-back island vibe on Koh Rong Island is the perfect place to recharge you wanderlust battery, as well as get a golden opportunity to see one of the most idyllic natural landscapes in the world.

Beach Koh Rong Island Cambodia
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