8 Things to See and Do in Antigua

8 Things to See and Do in Antigua

For a Caribbean getaway, you can’t top Antigua. This island, with an area of 108 square miles and a little more than 80,000 residents, is a wonderland of beaches, villages, and stunning inland scenery. Christopher Columbus named it “Antigua,” although it also goes by the moniker “Wadadli,” which natives bestowed upon it. Whatever you call it, the island certainly boasts many thrilling attractions, including the following eight.

1. Galley Bay Beach

As you stroll along the water at Galley Bay Beach, you might feel as though you’ve entered a “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. Its sand is white and its water bright turquoise. Sea turtles frequently nest here, and you might be so lucky as to spot a hatching egg. Further, Galley Bay Beach’s surfing conditions are first-rate.
Galley Bay Beach Antigua

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